Setting up your cash drawer

So, having shown you how to set up card payment, I’m now going to show you exaclty how easy it is to connect a cash draw to your Reggie. It really is amazingly simple. Observe these simple steps and see for yourself! 1. First of all, take a look at the cable attached to your […]

Pairing the Reggie with the iZettle

Now your products are visible on the PRACTI app you want to start doing business. The customers are ready to buy your products, but PRACTI allows you to accept cards for payments. It does so using the iZettle device. Make sure you have this at hand! This video goes over the easy process of pairing […]

Connecting your printer

Not only does PRACTI allow you to send digital recipts, it can also connect to a physical printer. Connecting a printer to your Reggie is so easy. Set it up in no time by following these easy steps: 1. First of all, make sure your printer is connected to a power source with the cable […]