First Steps

How to set up VAT

The VAT will be set automatically while you create your business profile. If you need to add a different VAT or just need to see it’s settings log-in to your Backoffice with your email and password. Here is the road to your VAT: Now that you set your VAT you need to set it to your […]

Binding the Backoffice with a Reggie Step 2

In this second video, I outline what exactly you need to do with your device log in code. Make sure you have your iPad handy, since I’m now operating the iPad screen, rather than the screen on your computer! Once you’ve entered in this code, your Reggie interface you saw on the back office will […]

Binding the Backoffice with a Reggie Step 1

This video is the first of two tutorial videos outlining how simple it is to ‘bind’ your back office to your iPad Reggie. It sounds like it might be complicated, but it really isn’t. Just follow the steps outlined in the videos and your Reggie will be set up in no time at all! Here […]

Accessing your backoffice on your phone

You and your business are always on the go. With PRACTI, you can access your business data on your phone, anytime, anywhere. Just follow these simple steps: 1. Open Safari or any of your mobile device internet browsers and enter in 2. Fill in your log-in details then press ‘Log In’ 3. Once you’ve […]