Customers – Singles & Groups

Adding new customers in the Register and in the BackOffice: Register: Open the practi app Click on ‘Select Customer’ (above the cart) Click on ‘Add Customer’ Fill in the customers’ info and Save BackOffice: Log into the BO Click on ‘Customers’ (menu on the left) Select ‘Customers’ Click on ‘Directory’ Click on ‘ADD NEW’ Fill […]

Sales by Customers

Learn how to attach a customer to a sale, and see all the data you can get via the Backoffice about your customers.

Customers Group Discount

We have a terrific discounts engine. In this video, you will learn about one of the awesome ways to use it. Creating an automatic discount which only a particular group of customer receives.

Setting up customers

Using PRACTI means you can keep track of specific customers using your Reggie. Transactions these customers undertake will be attached to their customer profile. How cool is that? In order to attach transactions to customers and set up customers on your Reggie, follow these steps: 1. Setting up your first customer on your store is […]