How to set up Tax Per Branch

If you have different branches which have different tax value and you need to set 2 types of taxes to the same product, you can easily set it via your Backoffice. The steps: Let us know you need to set up more than one tax value to your products We will open this setting for […]

How to set up VAT

The VAT will be set automatically while you create your business profile. If you need to add a different VAT or just need to see it’s settings log-in to your Backoffice with your email and password. Here is the road to your VAT: Now that you set your VAT you need to set it to your […]

Bundle Product

Learn how to create a Bundle product, an item which contains a number of products as a package dill with its own price.

Importing products from Excel

What about importing a range of products? Well, the PRACTI back office allows you to import products straight from an excel document. Build your product catalogue in no time at all. Here’s what you need to do: 1. Just like before, click on the Products tab on the side bar. However, this time, instead of […]

Adding products to your Reggie

You should, now, have your full product catalogue, complete with all the variants and addons. To make these products ‘live’ by adding them to your Reggie, follow the steps in this video. The process is so simple, and when complete, your Reggie interface will look amazing! Here are the steps: 1. When you open, […]

Adding Addons to products

Just as we added variants, we can also add ‘Addons’ to products. The process is no more complex than adding variants and takes a short amount of time. The linkages between your product catalogue and Reggie mean that addressing specific customer needs and requirements is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps. 1. Just like […]

Adding Variants to products

In this video, I outline the process of adding variants to products. This sounds like a complex process, but the Practi back office makes the entire process quick and easy. Adding variants is essential for products like T-Shirts that come in a range of different sizes and colours. These are the steps: 1. Go to […]

Adding a basic product

In this video, we outline the simple steps you need follow in order to add a basic product. In no time at all, you can name your product, edit it’s price, it’s cost, and select an image to be represented on your Reggie. Here are the steps: 1. Go to and observe products button […]