Pos Basics

Cash Float

The amount of cash placed in registers at the beginning of a shift or workday. How and where to enter your Cash Float: In your POS, tap on the 3 lines which appear in the top left corner Tap on Balance Now you can enter the amount of cash float using the “calculator” and tap on Enter In order […]

Taking Payment on the Practi Epos System

Your product catalogue in your Reggie is probably looking amazing right now. The customers are lining up and want to buy your products. In this video, I show you how to process their payments on your Reggie. Check out how easy this is: 1. First, take someone’s order. When you click done, the order will display […]

Printing retrospective receipts and issuing refunds

Using your Reggie, print receipts from past transactions and also process returns. Addressing the customer’s needs has never been easier. In seconds, you can refund a customer’s transaction with no hassle or difficulty by following these steps. Printing a retrospective receipt: 1. Say, a customer has bought an ice cream and didn’t take a receipt, […]

Tickets and saving transactions

Some customers might take an unusually long time to decide on their order, or may have to come back to complete their purchase. PRACTI allows you to continue to serve customers while keeping the other customer’s order as a ticket, awaiting payment. Cool right! Its also so simple, just follow these steps: 1. Say, a […]