Strings for Reggie Settings

1. Integration Setups

tenbis config:

{"resId": "6209", "userName": "f5qx38w", "userPass": "e4hpjv3", "vendor":"practi"}

Tenbis test card :

Cuponfone (goodies) config:

{"resId": "2320", "termId": "223202"}

Goodie test card :

Cibus config

{"resId": "13308", "posId": "19721"}

Cibus test card :

Multipass Config:

{"orgId": "59", "orgUser": "Practi", "orgPass": "Prac776!POS", "company":"1016"}

2.External payents

Regular External payment, Will produce a Payment Receipt

[{"displayName":"העברה בנקאית","type":"העברה בנקאית","transactionType": "OTHER"}]

Example of multipule external payments setup

When Needing to use multiple external payments, the curly brakcets onbjects in between the regular barckets ([]) shoud be supperated with a comma
[{"displayName":"Colu","type":"Colu","transactionType": "OTHER"}],{"displayName":"PayPal","type":"PayPal","transactionType": "OTHER"}]

External Payment that will product a Credit Note

In order to change the document type and transfer method, a transferMethod object should be added.
In the case were we want to product a Credit Note the value of transferMethod should be set to thirdParty
[{"displayName":"BuyMe","type":"BuyMe","transactionType": "OTHER","transferMethod":"thirdParty"}]

Scale Connection

This string is being used when there is a scale setup, But the string itself is used to integrate with the Tibbo Device connected to the scale

DHCP Configured Tibbo

When configureing the tibbo with DHCP connection, The POS will find the Tibbo by the Tibbo’s Device Name.
Therefor, The following string should be set in case Device Name is set to scale1

Fixed IP Configured Tibbo

In the cases where the Tibbo is not set to DHCP, The POS will find the Tibbo by the IP adresss that is configured on the device.
Therefore, The following string should be set incase IP adress is set to

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